Shafter Fit

Shafter Fit Programs

Shafter Recreation is looking forward to the new additions coming to our adult programs and the bringing back of some old ones.

One of these is Shafter Wellness & Athletic Training (S.W.A.T.) run by A3 of Bakersfield which brings exercise that is good on the body, yet shows results whether you want to get in shape or to become a top-level athlete.  Zumba is led by Brandi Root who brings an up beat class and lots of fun. We are excited for the future, and the Shafter Rec is doing our best to better our current programs and adding new ones. If you have any request for specific programs let us know, and we will definitely look into it.

Cycling, Walking, and Running Clubs are a  fun way to engage individuals, families, and teams in friendly competition. It is a great way to get our Shafter community active during this time. This club is designed for participants to cycle at one’s own speed, time, and distance of choice. There is no required mileage or speed.

Registration Date: August 31st – September 25th

Start Date: September 28th – November 20th

Registration fee: (Registration Fee will cover a shirt & mask and will also go to fund weekly prizes.)

  1. Individual: $30 a person
  • This division is for those who want to sign up
  • Age groups for this division:
    • 14 & under (COED)
    • 14-18 (High School division) (COED)
    • 18 & older (Adult Division) Female & Male Groups
    • 55 & older (Senior Division) (COED)
  1. Family Group: $25 per person (Must fit the description underneath)
    • This division is for those who want to sign up as a family.
    • All participants must be from same household
  1. Team: $25 per person (Must fit the description underneath)
    • This division is for those who want to sign up as a team.
  1. 14 & older can be part of a team
  2. This division is COED
  • We are recommending a team of 6. (Consists of minimum of 4 or maximum 6):
  1. If you have a team of 6, we will only count your best 4 scores for weekly prizes.
  2. Each team member must upload their own distance on the app Strava.
  3. We will be adding distances for each team member weekly.
  • Team can exercise together, but it is not required.

Guideline and Rules:

  • Each week resets after each Thursday at midnight.
  • We will be posting the leaders of the week on Friday (those who completed the most miles in the week). We will also be posting the winners of the weekly prizes that day as well.
  • To qualify for a prize, you must submit your walk through the app Strava in our walking club group.
  • We ask that participants submit a picture of a favorite trail or walk, if they so desire.

*Reminder: It is a friendly competition*


We ask that you have access to a smart phone or device that can track your mileage to share and upload to the District. We ask participants to use the Strava app to access a private group where it will track your activity for the week. There is a free version and a paid subscription. Using this app will prevent cheating and enforce honesty from each participant.