New SWAT Schedule

New SWAT Schedule Starts Today!
Start times will be at 5PM, 5:30PM, 6:00PM & 6:30PM
Over the next few months, A3 will be offering 30 minute high intensity training starting at the times listed above. These programs are designed to help you- • Burn fat• Lose weight• Shape muscles• Increase functional fitness• Enhance Sleep. Dietary coaching and assessments are all included.
Want to exercise for longer than 30 minutes? A3 will provide “extras” to occupy your time that are specifically designed to compliment the 30 minute exercise program.
Whether or not you’re interested in a challenging 30 minute workout, or would like to dedicate a full hour to your personal fitness, A3 will accommodate you with the same level of quality coaching and commitment you are all familiar with .
Not sure if SWAT is right for you? Drop-in and try it for FREE.