PONY All Stars

The Shafter Recreation proudly welcome’s you to the 2018 PONY Baseball and Softball season. As of last year, we sanctioned with the PONY (Protect Our Nation’s Youth) league. This governing body, offers an abundance of opportunities. As a result, the All-Star teams we normally put together to play against each other or surrounding towns have a chance to play other recreations and teams in different areas of the West Zone PONY Tournament Listings. More about where these tournaments might be held, can be found at www.pony.org under the “Tournament Information” bar.

Within the 2017 PONY season, we watched children better themselves and become All Stars. Those who showed us qualities of leadership, game strategy, positive sportsmanship, and dedication to playing throughout the season were invited to join us for Try-Outs, which were held on a Saturday morning and consisted of drills, situational game plays, and conditioning. All of those invited to attend our try-outs were outstanding athletes and team players. Unfortunately, not all those who were invited to attend could participate in the tournament. The two separate teams of 14 boys and 14 girls were selected by our board members, volunteer evaluators, and staff members.

The boys played in two tournaments, Simi Valley and Ridgecrest. The girl’s team went straight to the 2017 PONY World Series in Hemet, CA. With this new, incredible, opportunity comes a lot of expenses. The Shafter Recreation & Park District covered all costs for the 2017 PONY Tournaments that the boys and girls attended. The teams were provided with Under Armour pants, socks, jerseys, and Shafter Recreation Hats. The Recreation covered hotel stays and transportation fees for all those attending.

During this 2018 PONY season, we will be offering the same opportunity to those who show us the qualities of an all-star and attend our try-outs. The Shafter Recreation is intended to send more teams this season. With this being said, we are asking the community to help with furthering the PONY League for those who participate in our spring season. Any donations, or sponsorship would be of great appreciation to help the All Star aspect of the season. However, we are looking for individual team sponsors as well. You can find our sponsor packets to both the Original Season and the PONY All Stars on our website www.shafterrecreation.com . Thank you, parents, coaches, and community involved patrons, for allowing the Shafter Recreation to better our programs every year. We appreciate you!

The Shafter Recreation will continue to provide and try to help further our nation’s youth success throughout every sport they participate in. If you are interested in helping coach, contributing to the success of our youth sports teams, sponsoring, or have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us at (661)-746-3303.


The Shafter Recreation and Park District Staff