Shafter Recreation Elite

First Tournament Shows Promise

This weekend our Shafter Recreation Elite (S.R.E.) participated in a local Cinco De Mayo tournament, showcasing some of Bakersfield’s best basketball club teams. Shafter Rec Elite takes pride in playing our players at their correct age group; if not playing them above their own division. In this tournament, most our teams played in older divisions, and some teams even playing two grade levels up! We are extremely proud of their results in our first tournament; showing promise of improvement and the ability to already keep up with the best of Bakersfield. Even though this was the first time most of our teams played together; every team displayed excellent effort, sportsmanship, disciplined basketball, and unity. The most exciting part is knowing that every team is only going to get better over the next few months and unite the city of Shafter through our Shafter Recreation Elite basketball program.

Girls: 8th Grade 2-1 lost a tough one in the Championship game taking 2nd place, and 3rd-5th grade 0-3

Boys: Varsity 1-3 Lost a tough one ahead the whole game, but fell short. JV 3-1 lost in the semi’s by a buzzer beater, Freshman 0-3, 6th-7th 0-3, 4th-5th 2-2 Lost in the semis, 2nd-3rd 0-3