Online Sports Activities

National Athletes Academy

✨Free to the first 100 kids to sign up before January 31st!✨

The pandemic has changed how we do our daily lives! Shafter Recreation & Park District especially miss our sports and programs! It is not looking like we will get back to normal until the middle of this year. Shafter Recreation & Park District is teaming up with 746 Sports Foundation & Wonderful Community Grants to offer a FREE PROGRAM from the National Academy of Athletics for TK-8th grade. . There are two options available:


NAofA has successfully transitioned our highly recommended All Sorts of Sports After School Club program to deliver a virtual solution for families who enjoy sports and exercise, but are not comfortable with, or do not have access to, in-person instruction. Our curriculum is derived from social and emotional learning (SEL), National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes to produce a quality sports program that creates confidence, optimism, and growth while experiencing new sports. All Live Virtual After School Sports Clubs offers different levels of activities based on grade/age.


Each day your child will learn and practice 3 NEW drills using our signature teaching method, TALK.TEACH.PLAY®, your coach will:

  1. Explain the purpose of the drill
  2. Teach your child how to perform the drill, and then
  3. Your child will pause the video to play!

If your child needs to review the lesson, they can simply rewind, otherwise after practicing the first drill, they move on to the second, then the third.

Again, these videos are 5 days of new skills and drills, however, because we want your child to get a chance to improve their skills, we have made these available to you for 6 weeks. Your child gets to choose up to 3 sports when signing up with us. 


Check out to sign up! 

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Shafter Recreation office (661) 746-3303