Swim Lessons


This is a great program at the Shafter Aquatic Center starting in June and ending in August. The swim instructors are great, friendly, up-beat, and well trained on how to get your child swimming in no time. The kid friendly environment helps the children relax in the water while building confidence in themselves. This is a great start to having your child in the pool without you having to worry. This story was posted to our Facebook page by someone who had lessons at The Shafter Aquatic Center. It is a good reason to teach your child to swim at a young age.



“My son took six weeks of swim lessons at the Shafter Rec this summer. He went from not wanting to go under water the first day to jumping off the diving board and swimming to the side by himself. He is 2. The young adults that teach here are amazing. Not only did they teach him a lot but they were so kind and loving. Now to why I’m posting. It is so important to teach your kids to swim at a young age. A week ago we were on a family vacation and Grayson was trying to see some baby ducks and slipped between wooden slats on a bridge and fell in. It was about a 15 foot drop. He didn’t freak out and he held his breath got his head above water and was moving his arms and kicking keeping himself above water while my husband jumped in after him. Everyone is okay and he was laughing once he was brought up to shore (dad and everyone else not so much) but if he didn’t have swim lessons this summer it would have been a different story. I just wanted to thank the rec for allowing him to join and a big thank you to all the amazing young adults who worked with him this summer. Everyone really needs to check out this program next year. It could really save your child’s life.”- Sara Watts