Sponsor a Team

Help support our community by sponsoring a team(s) for the Shafter Recreation. Our programs vary and reach out to all age groups, but our biggest programs are youth sports. The district is in need of the community’s help to provide the best sports experience for our youth. Here is a look of the four different Sponsorship Packages the Shafter Recreation offers.

Goal Package: One Sport Cost: $275.00 Sponsor name on 1 team jersey, T-shirt, sponsor name mentioned on SRPD website

Slam Dunk Package: $500.00 Sponsor name on 2 team’s jerseys(different sports), T-shirt, SRPD Hat, Team photo plaque, sponsor name mentioned on SRPD website

Triple-Play Package: $775.00 Sponsor name on 3 team’s jerseys(different sports), T-shirts, SRPD Hat, Team photo plaque, Sponsor logo on SRPD website, Jersey for each sponsored sport

Touchdown Package: $1, 500.00 Sponsor name on 1 team jersey per sport listed(basketball, t-ball. baseball, softball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer), T-shirt, SRPD Hat, Team Photo Plaque, Sponsor logo on SRPD Website, Jersey for each sponsored sport, & annual fence banner posted in front of facility.

All Youth Sports Sponsorship




goal sponsorship’s


Castro Towing

Original Graphics

Kirschenmann Bro.

PCL Industrial Services, Inc.


Touchdown Sponsor

R & O Fishing Tools

Richland Chevrolet